Case Stories

A look at four different ways we have helped organizations improve member experience and outcomes.

Improve the Member Experience

What resources are available to employees when they need support? 

Barb has been with her company for 15 years and recently started planning for retirement. She relied on her internal benefits program but was dissatisfied with the generic information she received. Barb's experience was consistent across her peers, which was unacceptable to her employer's benefits team. After partnering with CaringWire, Barb now has access to a consolidated and convenient suite of employee benefits, including a retirement module, through a consolidated digital platform in the palm of her hand. Instead of searching through layers of a static website, Barb navigates to the retirement module to understand her options and access the on-demand retirement tools her employer provides. Barb's experience was improved and gave her peace of mind and the motivation to continue working understanding that her employer takes her feedback seriously.

A graphic of a person connecting with online services.
A graphic of a person connecting with another in an online meeting.

Support the Family Caregiver 

How  do we engage the family caregiver to be a productive member of the care team?

George faced difficulties after an injury left him in a wheelchair. Bills and dishes piled up, and his teenage daughter, Lexie, struggled to support. When George’s primary care physician referred him to Concerto Care, things started to turn around for the whole family. As part of the on-boarding process, Lexie was asked to complete CaringWire’s caregiver self-assessment, which uncovered discrepancies between George’s self-disclosed abilities to live independently and where Lexie needed to step in to assist. This information was discussed during the family’s first discussion with the team and a plan was established to leverage Concerto Care’s clinical care teams with supplemental benefits from local social service providers to find George a personal care service he loved, Lexie could finally exhale. 


Enhance Behavioral Health

How do I access mental and behavioral health between doctor visits?

Rob, an African American truck driver, struggled with the stress of his job and being away from his family. CaringWire contracted with Rob's employer captive to deploy a two tiered behavioral health support model. With the help of CaringWire, Rob engages on-demand peer listeners. Connecting Rob to trained African American truck drivers who have personal experience and respect for the challenges Rob faces. Rob connects with trained peer listeners from the African American trucking community for non-clinical support to talk through shared challenges. At any point in time, Rob can escalate to on-demand clinical behavioral health within 24-hours. Creating a wrap-around system of support. Helping Rob reduce his stress and get care no matter where work takes him.

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Data-Driven Insights

Why are so many employees leaving?

Linda, HR director for a 450-employee municipality, sought innovative benefits to improve productivity and reduce attrition. With increased employee turnover post-Covid, Linda realized her current tools lacked insight into employee needs. CaringWire provided an ecosystem of care, including behavioral health and family caregiving, to support Linda's diverse multi-generational workforce. Linda used the analytics to identify common concerns and adjust benefits in real-time, leading to a 32% improvement in employee retention and Linda's promotion to VP of HR.

“CaringWire has been a tremendous boost to the service our care management teams provide to those we serve.”

- Managed Care Partner