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CaringWire teaches families how to resolve common issues and access local resources, while arming clinical care teams with helpful data that would not otherwise be collected. 

Graphic of a smartphone being held. A text is sent asking: "Should my mom give up driving? Should she be alone at home?" to which a text from CaringWire replies: "Let's start with this assessment that evaluates your Mom's level of need. Then we can recommend the best options for you."

CaringWire, in collaboration with the University of Wisconsin School of Nursing, has adapted decades of research to guide families through the most common caregiver issues. Improving the lives of caregivers and those who are in their care. Bringing meaningful outcomes to the families you serve. 

Domains of Personalized Support

A graphic of a person doing yoga.

Daily Care

A graphic of a house.

Home Safety

A graphic of a person inspecting a clipboard with documents.


A graphic of a person interacting with a calculator.


A graphic of a person crossing a road. A car on the road is stopped to allow the person to safely cross.

Driving Safety

A graphic of a person hugging their elderly relative with a heart in the background.

Family Coordination

A graphic with two doctors standing near each other. There is a heart shape with a heartbeat monitor line in it.

Symptom Management & Falls

A graphic of a person with moving equipment and packaged boxes.



Helping family caregivers succeed

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Our team works with you every step of the way to tailor our product for the specific needs and workflows of your company. We even help craft messaging to get your population engaged and on board. 

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Assess the need

We use evidence based assessments to understand the needs of caregivers in your population.

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Tailor the experience

Customize the integration into your organization's workflow to maximize support and connectivity.

“CaringWire is the future of caregiving support. Their tool seamlessly integrates into our new patient on-boarding process, helping us differentiate from competitors by engaging the family as part of 'system of care'.”

- In-Home Primary Care Partner

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