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Unlock comprehensive, accessible, and personalized athlete healthcare services. Designed for athletes, coaches, and families, HAHS is your trusted partner in athletic health and wellness, available 24/7/365.

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The HAHS program is backed by the reputation and expertise of three leading organizations - USCAH, CaringWire, and Walmart Health. This collaboration brings together industry-leading credibility, robust technological solutions, and nationwide scale in retail and healthcare.

Education & Training

The USCAH team, composed of multidisciplinary medical experts working with numerous collegiate conferences and institutions brings rich experience from serving in high-level positions within all levels of athletics organizations.


Walmart Health provides athletes on-demand access to a nationwide network of independent board-certified physicians. Walmart Health Virtual Care (WHVC) offers medical and talk therapy services via telehealth to patients nationwide. A private way for male and female athletes to discuss personal health concerns 24/7/365.


CaringWire is a digital health platform that unifies the healthcare experience for consumers and businesses. Our platform integrates value-added solutions across the health and wellness spectrum, providing access to an interconnected virtual care ecosystem that meets the unique needs of our members. CaringWire’s configurable unified digital platform delivers easily consumable solutions in the palm of your hand.

HAHS Services

Only $99 per athlete per year for comprehensive
trusted support. HAHS is NOT health insurance and
does not pay claims or reimburse for services rendered.

$0 Telehealth

Education & Training


Urgent Care: Appointments with a physician from our national team of board-certified physicians within 10 minutes to get treatment for common illnesses and minor injuries.
Education: Access The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health’s comprehensive library of sport-specific courses that cover relevant health and safety considerations related to each sport for participants, coaches, staff, parents, officials, and more.
Peer-to-peer listeners: Athletes connect with peers with shared experiences and stories trained in cognitive behavioral therapy. Athletes can relate with stories from other athletes from their same organization.
Behavioral Health: Athletes can speak with licensed therapist of their choice, who are part of our national board certified team trained in athletic behavioral health, in as few as 24 hours.
Training: Access The U.S. Council for Athletes’ Health’s one-stop-shop for educational training and althetics healthcare innovation to ensure education and compliance requirements are delivered and executed by all stakeholders.
Nutrition: Connection to virtual nutritionists for athlete specific nutrition counseling.
Men’s & Women’s Health: A private way for male and female athletes to discuss personal health concerns 24/7/365. Athletes schedule an appointment with a physician of their choice from physicians, who are part of our national board certified team, within 48 hours to get treatment for a variety of gender-specific health conditions.
Webinars: Opportunities for athletes, coaches and staff to participate in live/recorded sessions with experts on specific topics and answer questions.
Additional Services: can be customized to your organization’s needs:

» Virtual primary care
» Prescription drug services
» Estate planning
» Testing kits
» Family planning
» And more

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Our team works with you every step of the way to tailor HAHS for the specific needs and workflows of your organization. We even help craft messaging to get your athletes engaged and on board. 

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Select a conference or group that can benefit from consolidated access to comprehensive athlete health and wellness.

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Configure HAHS to meet your athlete's needs. Select the services that fit your unique situation.

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