For Providers

Virtual Care to Scale Support and Eliminate Staffing Pressure

In order to mitigate the stress of staffing pressures, providers are seeking robust virtual care solutions. CaringWire's modern platform delivers a unified ecosystem to access virtual care across patient populations to provide 360 degree support in both acute and post-acute settings. Whether you are weaving together existing point solutions or using CaringWire’s off-the-shelf capabilities, we are here to help. Improving the patient experience and operational excellence with a modern data-driven approach.
A graphic of a smartphone utilizing the app. Text on the top asks: "What is the most intense symptom Shawn displayed today?" followed by five responses: Restlessness, Aggression, Resisting care,

The majority of your patients and families are struggling to access affordable healthcare and balance caregiving responsibilities:


Report heightened stress, depression or trouble sleeping.


Face some caregiving responsibility.

24 hours

Family caregivers typically provide 24 hours of direct care each week to support the health and wellbeing of your patients.

Outcomes that matter

We drive meaningful outcomes and scaled support with unified virtual care


Decrease in emergency room (ER) visits


Increase in provider capacity

79 NPS

Average NPS score

“We knew we needed to find a technology solution to differentiate ourselves and help our patients with the challenges they faced at discharge. CaringWire enabled us to scale support and promote existing services across our locations.”

- CaringWire Health System Partner 

Launch in less than 30 days

Our team works with you every step of the way to tailor our product for the specific needs and workflows of your company. We even help craft messaging to get your population engaged and on board. 

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Identify population

Select a segment, group, or plan that can benefit from consolidated access to virtual care.

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Tailor the experience

Customize the integration to your organization's workflows and existing benefits to maximize support and connectivity.

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Launch solution

Our dedicated team helps get your company up and running quickly, while demonstrating ROI.