Tips for Helping With Getting Dressed Independently

Tips for Helping With Getting Dressed Independently

Dressing requires balance, dexterity, and cognitive ability. It is a basic function that we all have been doing by ourselves since we were children. Older adults see dressing as a badge of independence. Organizing your loved one's closet to be easy to reach is a very helpful step.

This is especially true for seniors in a wheelchair, as it can be difficult to reach clothes hanging in a closet. To make clothes accessible, you can hook one hanger onto another so that clothes hang lower and become easier to reach (see video instructions).

On another note, zippers and buttons can also be tricky for some older adults to use. Despite the challenge, older men and women still want to wear the clothes that make them feel good! Fortunately, there are hacks to make a self-zipping helper and a button aid out of household items (see video instructions).

Check out this video to learn how to make clothes more accessible, zippers more usable and buttons more manageable.

Source: AARP Life Hacks for Caregivers Video Series