Learn How Aging Affects Body Temperature

Learn How Aging Affects Body Temperature

As people age, it gets harder for the body to regulate its temperature.

On hot days, older adults might overheat easily. On cold days, they might have trouble staying warm. Extreme heat or cold can cause serious health issues or even death.

Some medications can affect body temperature. For example, some chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, anti-seizure and heart arrhythmia medications can raise body temperature.

Some antipsychotic drugs can lower body temperature.

Older adults can stay cool in hot weather by:

  • Avoiding being outside for a long time, especially in the afternoon
  • Moving more slowly
  • Wearing light-colored, lightweight clothing made of cotton or other natural fibers
  • Using shades and curtains to block the sun
  • Using home air conditioning or visiting air-conditioned places

Older adults can stay warm in cold weather by:

  • Drinking warm liquids
  • Wearing several layers of clothing
  • Using extra blankets
  • Avoiding being outside
  • Wearing a hat, gloves, scarf and other warm outwear when going outside