Learn About the Benefits of Helping Older Adults

Helping older adults can bring up both positive and negative emotions.

The rewards people feel from helping older adults can include:

  • Being proud about doing their best to help

  • Giving back to someone who helped them

  • Finding new meaning or purpose in life

  • Feeling needed or appreciated

  • Growing in their skills and confidence

  • Developing closer relationships

Helpers can also:

  • Learn useful, practical information

  • Develop personal strengths

  • Understand their own aging and options better

  • Make connections with individuals and organizations

  • Gain new perspective on their own priorities

People are more likely to benefit from helping older adults when they:

  • Value their relationship with the older adult

  • Respect the older adult’s knowledge, abilities and wishes

  • Support the older adult’s goals and decisions

  • Have support from their family and friends

  • Understand when things are beyond their control

  • Look for positives and lessons learned from challenging situations

  • Give themselves credit for all they do

  • Manage their stress and take care of themselves