Learn About Professionals Who Can Help With Driving

Health professionals can answer questions and address concerns about health and driving. Other professionals can suggest strategies and resources that support safe driving.

Professionals who can help older drivers include:

  • Physicians, nurses and other health practitioners can check overall health, help manage chronic conditions, answer driving questions and suggest specialists, if needed

  • Physical therapists can help maintain or improve movement, strength, balance and other physical abilities

  • Occupational therapists can perform professional driving assessments, and suggest strategies, training and car adjustments or modifications to improve driving safety

  • Optometrists and ophthalmologists can check vision and eye health, determine if health conditions are affecting vision and treat vision problems

  • Pharmacists can review all medications, identify any drugs that can affect driving and suggest medication changes to support safe driving

  • Transportation specialists, mobility managers and travel trainers with local or county governments, transit systems, Area Agencies on Aging or Aging and Disability Resource Centers can provide information on transportation programs and alternatives