Guide to Changing Bed Sheets

Guide to Changing Bed Sheets

Making the bed with three layers of fitted sheets and waterproof mattress pads is one way to ensure your loved one can consistently sleep in a comfortable bed without needing to swap mattresses constantly. This is a great strategy for someone taking care of an incontinent adult. Here's how it's done:

1. When making the bed, create layers starting with a waterproof mattress pad then a fitted sheet, and create the next layer with a waterproof mattress pad and a fitted sheet, then a third layer of the same.

2. Keep two additional top sheets and blankets folded near the bed with spare night clothes. If the incontinent individual leaks urine in the bed (especially during the night when both of you are tired), you can get the person up, cleaned off and into fresh night clothes at arm’s reach.

3. When necessary, quickly and easily pull off the soiled top sheet and mattress pad, get the person back into a fresh bed immediately and cover them up with a clean top sheet and blanket without having to struggle with fully making a bed.


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