Best Ways To Stay Social As You Age

Best Ways To Stay Social As You Age

Over the last few years, the pandemic has kept us isolated. There are people that we have not kept in touch with because of social distancing. However, there are many health benefits to having a social life. It improves mental health by lowering the risk of depression and reducing anxiety. Here are a few tips and tricks which can help adults stay socially active.

Everyone loves a call out of the blue. Consider calling someone you haven’t spoken to in a while or send a handwritten note to someone special. Another option is to video call, a feature on many smartphones. With video calling, you can see the person you are talking to on your phone live. For more information on video calling, see our complete guide here.

Another way to make connections is to find a hobby you enjoy, then meet others who enjoy the hobby as well. It could be anything, from knitting to bird watching, with the internet it is as easy as ever to find like-minded individuals. One helpful website is called Meetup. Simply type in your hobby and city then you will be shown many events happening near you related to the hobby. Visit 

Similarly, if you are looking for general social gatherings or events near you, one useful website is Eventbrite. They have numerous types of events from concerts and festivals, to classes and workshops. Visit The internet is a fantastic tool for staying socially active because there are so many different options. You are bound to come across something that interests you!

Additionally, taking a class is a great way to both keep your mind active and make new connections. Your local public library often hosts free classes, or as previously mentioned, Eventbrite has classes which are available to the public. When you are learning a new skill or subject it becomes simple to strike up a conversation because of mutual interests.

Finally, social media is a fantastic way to keep in touch with loved ones. There might be a small learning curve if the technology is new to you, but both Facebook and Instagram allow users to share pictures and videos with their friends and family. Once you have set up an account, all you would have to do is open your smartphone, tap on the app, and scroll to see the pictures and videos your friends and family have posted. 

Oftentimes reaching out to new people or trying new activities to stay social can be overwhelming, but using the aforementioned tools can make it a lot simpler. There are so many benefits emotionally, intellectually, and physically to staying socially active. Finding like-minded individuals or keeping in touch with loved ones has become easier than ever with a little help from the internet. Keep trying new things and staying social!