Best Mobile Phones for Older Adults

Best Mobile Phones for Older Adults

An easy-to-use mobile phone can help seniors stay connected with loved ones, capture memories, and stay safe. Consider these flip phones and smart phones designed with seniors in mind:

Flip Phones

Flip phones are usually a good choice for first-time cell phone buyers because they are more similar to traditional phones and it might be easier for seniors to learn how to use them. Flip phones usually offer longer battery life and more durability than smartphones. The three types of flip phones listed below are all good options for seniors because they have quality speakers, large buttons, and a camera for taking pictures.

  1. GreatCall Jitterbug Flip: This option was designed for seniors and can be purchased for less than $100. Additionally, it has an emergency button, noise-canceling speakers, good battery life, a large keypad, and a camera.
  2. Verizon LG Exalt: This option is great for seniors with hearing loss because it has high-quality speakers and voice calling. It also enables basic web browsing, has a camera, and is capable of converting text to speech.
  3. Alcatel Go-Flip 3: This durable option has a long battery life, offers speech to text dictation, and offers easy texting.


Smartphones have more capabilities than general flip phones, including on-demand food delivery and transportation requests through apps like Instacart and Lyft, which may be essential for seniors living independently. In addition, smartphones offer video chat to keep families and friends connected. It is important to check that the smartphone you're considering for your senior loved has accessibility settings for seniors. Many companies now offer smartphones with larger screens, higher volume settings, and increased brightness for senior costumers.

  1. Jitterbug Smart2: Like the Jitterbug flip, this phone was designed with seniors in mind and offers GPS locating, medical assistance, great battery life, a large touchscreen, and voice dictation.
  2. Motorola Moto G7: As an affordable option, this phone offers excellent voice quality for seniors with hearing loss and a large screen.
  3. Samsung Galaxy Note: This pricier option has great image and video quality, a stylus addition for those who prefer to "write", as well as an Easy Mode with fewer icons and larger text for seniors learning how to use a smartphone.

Other Options

  1. Apple iPad Mini: The iPad Mini is a good option for seniors with hearing loss because the audio can connect directly to some hearing aids. This device also allows texting, video chat, games, and other smartphone applications.
  2. Consumer Cellular GrandPad: This tiny tablet is affordable, was designed with seniors in mind, and offers music streaming, video chat, and cellular calling.

How To Choose a Phone for Your Loved One

To select the phone that is best for your loved one, consider the descriptions above and the list of top overall options below as a starting point, then read reviews and consider these tips:

  1. Does the company offer a trial period or have in-store models you can have your loved one test?
  2. Does your loved one require any special features? For example, are they hard of hearing or have troubles with their vision?
  3. If your loved one has dementia, consider a phone with GPS tracking or emergency alert.

Our Top Recommendations

1. GreatCall Jitterbug Flip: This phone has a battery that can last weeks and handle 10 hours of call time. It also has room in the camera app for more than 1,000 pictures and has speakers that can filter background sounds and maintain clarity during calls. It also features an emergency button and is connected to the 5Star emergency network, which uses GPS to locate users. With big buttons, a large screen, voice dialing, voice-to-text, and an operator service to help connect seniors with any services they need, this phone is our top ranked option. This phone can be purchased for just $99.99.

2. GreatCall Jitterbug Smart2: This smart version of the Jitterbug Flip has a easy-to-read display with large fonts and simple icons. With  this phone, your loved one can easily access the internet, stream videos, and use video chat. This phone also offers the 5Star emergency network but additionally includes visual features like GreatCall Link, which allows caregivers to stay informed about the health and location of their loved one. This phone can be purchased for $149 with unlimited calls, data, and texting costing $50 a month.

3. Motorola Moto G7: This phone is water resistant and includes features like facial recognition, fingerprint unlock, and a great camera and audio. This phone can be used with any service provider, or minutes and texts can be purchased in advance. This option has a particularly loud speaker and large screen and can be purchased for $199.

4. Consumer Cellular GrandPad: This small tablet has video and audio calling capabilities while also offering music streaming, videos, and games. This option includes training videos and has an 8-inch screen that is larger than standard phones. This tablet can be purchased for $200 with unlimited data for 40$ a month.

5. Verizon LG Exalt: This phone resembles a modern flip phone but has big, tactile buttons and a relatively large screen. This phone offers hearing assistance, text-to-speech, and is a great option for seniors who are against the idea of having a touchscreen. This phone can be purchased for $169 along with a prepaid or unlimited plan of your choice.

6. Consumer Cellular Doro 7050: This last option is the most affordable on the list, costing only $50, and the most simple. It is a traditional flip phone with large buttons and a basic camera. For seniors, it offers an emergency assistance button, hearing aid compatibility, and tutorials.