5 Home Fixes Under $1000

5 Home Fixes Under $1000

If home remodeling is daunting or too expensive for your situation, consider these fixes under $1,000 to make your home more senior accessible:

New Lever-Handle Door Knobs: Aging induced arthritis can make turning traditional round door knob handles more difficult. One way to mediate this difficulty is changing out door knobs to lever handles. These handles can easily be opened even with an elbow, and are not very expensive.

Lighting: Without adequate lighting, there is a higher chance that your loved one could trip and fall. Additionally, high light fixtures make it difficult for some seniors to change burnt out light bulbs. One solution is upgrading to LED bulbs, which provide good lighting and typically have a longer service life. Converting to LED bulbs typically costs less than $400.

Shower Updates: If your loved one has difficulty showering independently, it may be advantageous to switch the shower head to a hand-held fixture. This fixture can enable your loved one to shower while seated. These can typically be purchased for less than $50.

Automatic Doors: Today there are a number of residential automated door openers available for sale. These doors make access in an out of a home easier for seniors with mobility problems. The cost generally runs $1,000 or less, but be sure to shop for a price that is best for your situation.

Bathroom Grab Bars: Grab bars are a simple addition to a bathroom that help minimize the risk of falls. There are a variety of grab bars available for purchase, some of them are even decorative. It is best to place two bars in the shower (one on the back wall of the shower and one where you step in) and one near the toilet. Costs depend on your location, but a few bars may cost a few hundred dollars.