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CaringWire delivers a digital care manager in your geriatric healthcare experience.

Patients can now seamlessly interact with their care team anytime, anywhere.

Today, healthcare is too difficult for consumers to navigate alone

CaringWire brings patients and their care teams together to make smarter & faster decisions

Virtual Care


  • Geriatric SDOH triage

  • Care management

Care Coordination


  • Nationwide network of services

  • Smart provider recommendations

  • Shared accountability for patients’ care

  • Real-time outcome reports

CaringWire's network of senior care providers

Personalized Education


  • Increase health literacy

  • Empower family caregivers

A great consumer experience leads to higher engagement, smarter decisions, better outcomes, and healthier lives.


We serve as your dedicated strategic and implementation partner for improving the quality of life and cost of care.

activities of daily life
meals and nutrition
personal care
mental health resources
transportation services
housing services for older adults

We consider each factor's influence on geriatric social determinants of health.


We partner with healthcare organizations to deliver technology solutions that address the triple aim.

  • Reduce unnecessary hospitalizations

  • Increase utilization of single point solutions

  • Provider network & referral management

  • Early intervention of declining health

  • Proactive consumer engagement

  • Preventing Stars and HEDIS gaps in care

CaringWire’s services can be used for short-term, targeted initiatives or high-touch, long-term programs. Our platform can be customized to meet an organization’s specific needs for members in any market and line of business.

Our care management and transitions of care programs ensure caregivers, agencies, and family members are able to deliver the best care possible at home.

From real-time preventative actions that can stabilize symptoms to on-demand assessments of the patient’s needs, our collaborative technology serves as a powerful and necessary step forward for community care.


We work directly with payers and providers to become an integral resource when at-home care becomes a need. By including any caregiver who is in the home, we provide greater visibility into the home environment. This creates an integrated care delivery approach to care in the home, leading to better outcomes for everyone.

Our solutions make positive impacts on population health, particularly for the most vulnerable

Chronic Care Management

Post Acute Transitions of Care

Complex Condition Management

Behavioral and Mental Health

Social and Community Based Services

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