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Alleviate your employees’ most pressing needs with caregiver benefits that make an impact.

Assess | Inform | Engage

How it works

Employers sign up and pay for the plan. When CaringWire is launched inside the company, employees can download the app and take some clinically validated assessments.


CaringWire takes that data and creates a personalized care plan for that person, which can include anything from personal care to self-guided virtual programs to assisted living options.

Employees receive on-going engagement and assistance from both in-app notifications and 24/7 live support.

Benefits of using CaringWire


  • Become an employer of choice.


  • Increase productivity by providing a tool that optimizes self-management.


  • Reduce voluntary attrition due to caregiver stress with caregiver specific support.


  • Increase satisfaction and wellness. Decrease healthcare cost, stress, and depression.

The Hidden Cost of Working Caregivers

Demands of informal caregiving costs employers $5,600 per working-caregiver per year.

A great consumer experience leads to higher engagement, smarter decisions, better outcomes, and healthier lives.


We serve as your dedicated strategic and implementation partner for improving the quality of life and reducing cost of care.


We consider each factor's influence on geriatric social determinants of health.

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