What is a Senior Care Pharmacist?

Have you or your loved one ever been directed to or heard the title "senior care pharmacist" and wondered how exactly one could serve you? In simple terms, a senior care pharmacist has special knowledge of the medication needs of older adults and can give individually-tailored advice to maximize the effectiveness of your medications and minimize harmful interactions and side-effects. These professionals work in a variety of settings and can help improve senior quality of life.

According to the American Society of Consultant Pharmacists,

A senior care pharmacist is a pharmacist who provides expert advice on the use of medications to individuals and older adults, wherever they live.
Senior care pharmacists are committed to providing person-centered care, taking into account the complex interrelationships between disease states, nutrition, medications, and other variables. They are essential clinicians on the health care team, and influential decision-makers in all aspects of medication therapy.
Senior care pharmacists counsel patients, provide information and recommendations to prescribers and caregivers, and review patients’ medication regimens. While a senior care pharmacist may provide this type of clinical expertise to any age group, senior care pharmacists focus on the special pharmacotherapeutic challenges of the senior citizen.

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Source: What Is a Senior Care Pharmacist? - American Society of Consultant Pharmacists, www.ascp.com/page/whatisacp.