Top 3 Communication Tips for Doctor's Visits

The natural aging process can lead to seniors having multiple health conditions and multiple doctors. It is very important for seniors to understand the information their doctors give them, as not having a clear understanding can lead to medication error or worst case a medical emergency. Here are 3 tips for improved communication with doctors:

1. Prepare for appointments by creating lists

  • Make a list of problems you'd like to discuss

  • Make a list of your loved one's symptoms, including when they started and when they're worse

  • Make a list of all medications, vitamins, supplements, etc. that they're taking

2. Ask plenty of questions and take notes

  • Clarify anything that isn't clear

  • Consider asking your doctor to write down their instructions

  • Ask about any tests or medications recommended

3. If you end up with questions after leaving, call your doctor immediately

  • Do not wait for the next appointment to ask new questions

  • Getting these answers can prevent small problems from becoming large problems