Personal Safety Tips for Seniors

Creating a safer living environment starts with these simple steps.

Smart Furniture

  • Furniture should be easy to lean on and strategically placed so it can be used for balance.

  • Avoid buying furniture that has sharp - and potentially dangerous - corners.

Easy Reaching

  • Place frequently used things in cabinets and drawers that are waist high. This eliminates the need to reach high or bend low, which reduces the risk of falling.

  • Since knobs can be hard to grip, consider switching to drawer pulls.

Safe Walking

  • Avoid using shag or scatter rugs

  • Tuck electrical cords behind furniture, or use cable management products, which are available in most office supply stores.

  • Avoid using pet toilet pads in the home.

Sharper Vision

  • Create a strong contract in color between major pieces of furniture, walls, drapes, steps and floors.

  • Make nighttime navigation easier by using nightlights and motion sensor lights, especially along the path between the bed and bathroom.