Learn about ways to manage stress

Managing stress is a skill that can be developed. People who deal well with stressful situations are able to help older adults for longer. Healthy habits help people deal with stress without over-reacting. These include eating balanced meals, getting enough sleep, exercising and making regular healthcare appointments. Other ways to manage stress include:

  • Asking for and accepting help from others

  • Using resources for older adults and their helpers

  • Setting realistic goals

  • Looking for the humor in difficult situations

  • Being thankful for what’s going well

  • Celebrating small successes

  • Being flexible and willing to let small stuff go

  • Taking a break if things get tense

  • Setting healthy limits, including by taking time each day to relax

  • Spending time with supportive family and friends

  • Focusing on values, priorities and relationships

Any activity that helps someone relax can be part of their stress management, such as:

  • Getting a massage

  • Going for a walk

  • Joining a support group

  • Listening to favorite music

  • Listing the positive things that happened that day

  • Meditating

  • Practicing yoga

  • Praying

  • Sitting and focusing on the breath

  • Taking a warm bath

  • Writing in a journal