Learn why it's okay to turn off the news

2020 has been a challenging year for us all. A pandemic ravished the world, with the only hope of potential safely forcing us to stay in side. Most American's have always enjoyed a culture heavily focused on socializing, entertaining, and face-to-face interactions; and the idea of social distancing quickly brought our norm to a halt. These social changes have indubitably been difficult for everyone, but in many cases the effects are felt most deeply by the elderly population.

As a result of social isolation, their connection with the outside world may be purely what is absorbed through media. For many older American's television is still the primary source for entertainment, news, and information; and during quarantine many will have the television on continuously throughout the day. When tuned in to 24/7 news, it is easy to quickly become overwhelmed with negativity, stress, fear, and even anger.

Staying informed about the world around you is important, but taking care of your mind and soul is equally important during stressful times. We are here to assure you and your older loved ones, it is okay to turn off the news!

Turing off the news media may be easier said than done for older adults, and here at CaringWire we have a few alterative ideas to fill the time.

1) Stay Active;

  • As the weather gets nicer, taking regular walks around the community is a great way to feel connected with the outside world. When the weather isn't nice, explore online exercise classes for older adults like yoga or chair workouts for stability.

2) Discover the world through reading;

  • Many American's have lost the love of reading over time. When the television is off, pick up a book! Travel the world, explore new cultures, meet new people; all from the safety of your home.

3) Connect with those who make you feel good;

4) Give Back;

  • Find a cause or charitable organization to become involved with. So many groups and organizations are in great need post- COVID, and anyone can help! Volunteering time, making masks, donating supplies, and more. Getting involved and helping the community is a great way to feel empowered and positive with a sense of purpose.