Independent Living Solutions For Those Wanting To Age At Home

Our homes hold so much near and dear to us. It’s a familiar space that we associate with memories from younger years—it’s time spent with family and loved ones and where we spend our daily lives. It’s a source of comfort and a part of who we are. Indeed, most seniors would prefer to maintain their independence and continue living at home as long as they possible as they age. Luckily, there are many options, services, and helpful solutions available to help us stay independent as we age at home. Read on to learn more about what types of independent living solutions can help.

Technology Solutions to Assist Independent Living

Technology geared towards helping seniors’ daily lives is a growing segment that promises to provide solutions specific to senior needs and maintain a decent quality of life. Any assistive technology device or gadget that makes life easier or more efficient can be a solution to independent living.

A part of independent living as we age at home doesn’t mean we have to do it all ourselves.

Security, mobility, and health are top concerns for seniors when considering aging at home. Technological products that provide additional safety and security, in an easy-to-use manner are a great addition to a senior’s home. You may consider investing in one of the following items to support you in independent living:

Home alarm system (provide peace of mind and security if you feel vulnerable to intruders)

Medical alert systems (24/7 emergency contact, fall-detection will provide added security in the event of a medical emergency or fall)

Medical tracking gadgets (mobile devices that allow medical feedback and, in some cases, fall detection so you can still stay independent but feel safe knowing someone will come and assist if needed)

Cell phones or tablets (staying in contact with family, friends, and loved ones while you are out and about, provides added security as well as staying connected to the outside world)

Medication dispensing systems (takes the worry and fuss out of medication organizing and administration so you don’t overdose or forget to take your medication)

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