General Home Safety Tips

Many caregivers worry that their own (or their loved one's) home is not safe enough for their senior loved one. Home safety and accessibility is becoming more and more of a concern because many older adults report a desire to age in their own home for as long as possible.

Fortunately, there are a number of low cost ways to make your home safer:

  1. Add no-slip strips to your shower or bathtub

  2. Apply non slip wax to your floors

  3. Apply non slip treads to your stairs

  4. Remove throw rugs

  5. Remove wheels on chairs

  6. Use rubber-backed bath mats

  7. Replace standard door knobs with lever handles

More expensive changes include:

  1. Alter the shower for walk-in rather than step-over entry

  2. Alter entryways so they are zero threshold (no step)

  3. Move light switches so they are easy to reach from a wheelchair or bed

  4. Widen doorways and hallways

Source: “How to Make a Home Safe for Your Aging Parent.” AARP,