Doctor visit checklist for older adults

On average, older adults in the United States spend 17 days a year in a healthcare setting. Adequately preparing for these visits can make appointments go smoother and improve health outcomes. To ensure you are prepared, consider using this easy to follow doctor visit checklist:

1. Do you have transportation to and from the appointment?

2. Is a companion necessary for the visit?

3. Is it necessary to contact the insurance company ahead of time for pre-certification or other purposes?

4. Is everything you need packed?

  • Insurance cards

  • Photo ID

  • Payment for co-pays or other charges

  • Contact information for other doctors

  • List of current medications

  • List of allergies/medical conditions

  • Medical records, if needed

  • A list of questions for the doctor

  • A notepad or device for note-taking

5. Questions to ask after the appointment:

  • Is further testing (or labs) required?

  • When should new prescriptions be picked up?

  • Are there any instructions or treatment notes seniors can take home with them?

  • When should follow-up appointments be scheduled, if necessary?

  • Is any payment due?