Affordable transportation for older adults

Transportation is essential for older adults. Without reliable and affordable transportation, it can be difficult for seniors to get to their doctor's appointments, the grocery store, social events, etc. Transportation also helps seniors to stay physically and mentally active.

There are a number of services available to seniors who need transportation assistance.

Here are a few options that tend to be the most affordable:

1. Consider asking trusted family and friends to volunteer

It can't hurt to ask!

2. Public transportation

Most counties offer free or low-cost public transportation services for seniors. The best way to find these programs is to call your county’s Area Agency on Aging, which can connect you with available local programs.

3. Veyo

Veyo is a company that partners with insurers and health facilities to provide non-emergency transportation that is covered by insurance.

Best for: Those who require transportation to medical appointments and those who need a special vehicle to accommodate a wheelchair or stretcher.

Price: Free, if the insurance company offers Veyo as a benefit.

4. GoGoGrandparent

GoGoGrandparent is a concierge, toll-free telephone service that connects seniors with ride-services such as Lyft and Uber. With these services, a car can arrive at your location in minutes.

Best for: Those fully able to get in and out of a car without assistance.

Price: Users will pay the regular (demand-based) price for the Lyft or Uber ride plus an additional fee for the concierge service.

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