5 Activities to Boost Engagement and Reduce the Risk of Dementia

Engaging in activities is one of the best exercises for the brain. Here are the top five activities that exercise the brain and are beneficial for reducing dementia risk.

Continue to Learn

Learn something new each day. Attend lectures and classes boost self-esteem, fight dementia, enhance memory, and increase the ability to manage stress

Read Books

Reading books is better than watching TV, which is also a reason for an increased risk of dementia. The more you watch TV, the lower your brain functionality will be.

Play with Children and/or Pets

Playing with children or pets can relieve stress, stimulate the mind, boost creativity and imagination, it’s also a very good source of relaxation and socialization

Exercise & Stay Active

Exercising is a great way to keep your body healthy and reduce those unwanted and unnecessary sugars. Exercising does not need to be very intense. It can consist of going for a walk and stretching

Work Outside

Researchers suspect it is a combination of touching the earth, the presence of probiotics in the soil, exposure to the sunlight, and the satisfaction to see things grow that work together to boost the overall health of seniors who spend time gardening.